Rc boat,DeXop F1 Works In Water RC Boat Remote Control Boat-Orange



Q1: Why doesn’t the boat work when fully charged?

A: Ensure the battery fully charged – first step to ensure it will work normally, and other steps as following:

Step 2- Connect the battery with the boat and switch on the boat.(picture 2)

Step 3- Stand up the red wire signal receiver with the transparent tube.(as picture 3)

Step 4- Fill in AA batteries into the remote controller.

Step 5- Put the boat in water and start pairing up the boat with remote controller.

Q2: Followed all the steps, boat still does not work?

A: Place the boat in water. The boat only works in water

Charging time: 3 hours
Playing time: 10 minutes
Remote control distance: 30-50 meters
Package size: 44x16x13CM
Weight: 600g

Package included:
1x rc boat
1x charging plug
1x user manual
1x battery

Kind Notice:
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2.Please kindly check the name of seller store in case of buying fake and shoddy product
3.DeXop offers best customer service for all the DeXop products which are built with the highest quality standards and we stand behind for best after service

* This boat works ONLY in water and does not play on the land – as the motor only works when it touches the water
* Do not turn on the remote control before turning on the boat as it will be hard to pair up the boat due to weak signal influence. Assemble the fully charged battery into the boat and then turn on the remote control.
* The battery cover is NOT missing screws – engineers and QC team have advised that for convenience purposes, it is more easy to open the cover of the boat without the screws
* Keep the top cover open when not in use and take out the battery to keep boat hull dry for long time playing.

Only works in the water, and couldn’t be played on the land rc boat with double powerful 280 motors, Super high speed, driving speed up to 15-20 KM/H
Precise port position and self balancing stable sailing.The batteries should be assembled into the remote controller. The boat battery should be fully charged.When the indicator light is lighting,it means that it needs to be charged and if it turn off,it means it had been full charged.
Move forward/Backside,turn left and right . Connect the battery with the boat and switch on the boat.Stand up the red wire signal receiver with the transparent tube
Strong signal transmitter, comes with random frequency: 27MHZ,40MHZ,49MHZ and they can’ t be changed, distance from 30 to 50 meters. Put the boat on water and start pairing up the boat with remote controller
Remote control battery not included. 4.8V 700 mah rechargeable battery for the boat (Notice: Do not leave the battery charge overnight.Safety charge time is 3 hours.Please plug off immediately when you finished charging.)