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A Complete Step-by-Step guide to setup & fly the latest DJI Mavic Pro drone – Tutorial #1

Tutorial #1

I am pretty sure that by now you would have already read tons of professional review sites and watched quite a bit of Youtube videos on the latest drone DJI Mavic Pro, how to operate its transmitter and how to navigate its DJI GO 4 App. Therefore, I wouldn’t want to belabor all the publicly available information out there but dive right to the point on how good, or not-so-good this latest drone is and show you from scratch a 100% raw user experience. Here we go!

I have already donned my DJI Mavic Pro with an Ironman-inspired vinyl wrap since last week! This is where you can find the material I used to get this look.

Most reviewers out there (whom are far from an actual hands-on drone builder) tend to sing praises on its specs, features, battery life, flight performance and camera definitions. However, I have yet to see someone actually tell the WHOLE truth! What I want to do for my followers is that I will commit myself over the next 3 months to thoroughly test out each and every function and post all the ACTUAL footage here. No BS on how good, how fantastic this drone is, but let you be the judges for yourselves by providing you with facts and not just plain sales stories.

Download this App from Apple App Store or Google Play Store and connect the Transmitter to your smartphone.


Make sure you have fully charge your drone and transmitter before attempting to power on!

Install DJI GO 4 App, make sure is DJI GO 4 and not DJI GO (which was catered for Phantom 3 and below series). Upon installing, this is the first screen you should be seeing.

 If you “Enter Device” at this point, you will see the word “disconnected”. So don’t “ENTER DEVICE” at this point until you have powered up your drone.

First, you will need to switch on the TRANSMITTER first before switching on the drone (this is how you switch on the transmitter – press once to check battery level, press again and hold down until you see the word “connecting” IN FULL).

Second, hook up your smartphone to the TRANSMITTER via micro USB cable.

Third, now you will need to switch on the drone (this is how you switch on the drone – press once to check battery level, press again and hold down for 2-3 seconds).

At this point, the TRANSMITTER & DRONE will be paired up. You will be seeing data on your transmitter and you will be in READY TO GO mode.

Fourth, go to your DJI GO 4 App and do all the necessary software updates whenever DJI prompts you to despite you can still fly, because the software may be buggy.


Finally! You can safely “ENTER DEVICE” at this point and click ” START FLIGHT”.

By now, you should be seeing the images captured by your drone’s camera.

Stay tune for:

A Complete Step-by-Step guide to setup & fly the latest DJI Mavic Pro drone – Tutorial #2 UNDERSTANDING THE ICONS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS

Disclaimer: This is solely my honest opinion coming from an avid drone builder.  I have been building drone from scratch by buying part from all over the world over the past 10+ years. Knowing that I am good with fixing electronic stuff, I am the run-to guy for my families & friends whenever they met with a “drone accident”.

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